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At Coulson Realty we promise to:

  • Use our knowledge of the area to assure that your property is marketed at a price that best reflects its value. We know the history of the homes in our area, including the previous owners, what improvements have been made, and what the property has sold for when previously marketed, because chances are we handled the previous transactions. Your home isn't simply a statistic we look up when necessary, but a home we have followed for the last 25 years.

  • During the listing we are always available to discuss the marketing of your home. We are full time realtors. This is all we do. We are always only a call away to answer your concerns

  • We can make recommendations to enhance the marketability of your property.

  • We will market your property with signs, media advertising and internet advertising as well as through our sizable network of personal contacts.

  • We will show your property to pre-qualified buyers as well as holding periodic Open Houses.

  • We will submit to you all written offers, assist with negotiations, and provide an estimate of your net sales proceeds, so you understand all implications prior to any acceptance.

Tips for Sellers:
Small, inexpensive touches can greatly add to the attractiveness and curbside appeal of your home. These include:

  • Keeping grass cut, flower beds weeded and brightly planted in summer - Driveway and paths cleared of snow in winter.

  • Remove any outside debris

  • Sweep decks and walkways

  • Clean basement, garage and/or attic

  • Do minor repairs ie leaky faucets, small holes in walls etc

  • Make certain appliances and extras eg burglar alarm, are in working order

  • Make sure that house is well aired and that there are no smells. Some do think that the smell of baking, particularly bread makes people feel more disposed to think of the house as a home

  • Have carpets cleaned professionally

  • Tidy any clutter in the home

  • Since different areas of renovation have a greater or lesser impact on the saleablility of your home and a greater or lesser pay-back in terms of increased value versus cost, consult with your realtor before renovating prior to selling

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